The Renovation Package

The INDU-ZERO product

A renovation package is the total individual set of elements required to carry out the renovation of a house.

These renovation packages include (but are not limited to) the following elements:

  • Outer wall panels which are placed on the outside of the current walls;
  • Windows and doors mounted in the new wall panels;
  • Roof panels with sustainable energy production by solar panels for the average domestic use +/- 2600 kWh a year;
  • Different systems for water heating, space heating and ventilation systems.

The renovation package can be used on semi-detached houses, terraced houses, and apartment buildings with a common staircase from the year 1950 – 1985.

This figure shows a comparison between a terraced house that is not renovated against a house that has been renovated using a typical work package as described above.

The picture shows the insulating shell (in green) which is created around a renovated house using the wall and roof panels (in green).