The installation systems

Each renovation design includes the optimal combination of construction panels together with the technical systems they create a sustainable and comfortable home.


All the sustainable installations are brought together in a SKID, a metal frame that contains the heat pump, the central ventilation system, two expansion vessels, the warm water tank and the converter of the solar panels. It can be placed at once as a complete package on the attic, including the outside part of heat pump.

These systems include:


Due to the renovation insulation and airtightness is improved. Therefore, it is very important to ensure adequate ventilation. Two forms of heat recovery installations can be chosen from:

  • a centralised location in the house
  • or from several decentralised locations.

Whichever units are chosen, they guarantee a healthy indoor climate.


All energy required during the year will be generated by the house itself. Energy generation options available are Solar panels. Solar panels generate electricity only and will provide all necessary energy for the house.

Picture of a SKID.


A heat pump or electric heater is preferably connected to current radiators for heating the house. The energy generating system will ensure that the necessary amount of energy is available for a comfortable and warm house. If city heat is available, this can be incorporated as well.

Hot water

Hot water will be ensured by either using a heat pump with a buffer tank or an electrical boiler with a buffer tank.