On-site Mounting

Before the renovation starts the necessary permits need to be granted. Taking the huge number of renovations that are needed, this also means new and quick ways of granting these permits by governments, than currently practiced. It also must be ensured that the tenants and building owners understand everything about the renovation process. They need to know day by what steps are taken and what is expected from them. Once the renovation packages are delivered to the site location, they will be ready to be mounted on to the houses. Before the renovation starts, the construction manager will have planned the whole workflow using Just in Time (JIT) software. All workers will be informed about the planned workflow using a web-based training tool to ensure the work is carried out as efficiently as possible.

The renovation is carried out by operatives who are specialised in the installation of INDU-ZERO renovation packages, ensuring all renovations meet INDU-ZERO’s high-quality standards. A special anchoring system allows the installation of the renovation package to be completed quicker than before. The goal is to have the middle house of a terraced row finished within 3 days. The first day is used for construction site preparation, the second day is used for mounting the wall and roof panels and the installation systems and the third day is used to finish the details.

The installation involves the following tasks:

Preparation of the terrain:

  • Place machines;
  • Dig footing for the panels;
  • Remove fences.

Preparation of the building and building site:

  • Making a trench along the house;
  • Remove inside parts of the windows door and the guttering, roof overhang and roof tiles;
  • Making a hole in the roof for the skid;
  • Prepare for connecting the anchors to the existing house.

Placing prefabricated elements:

  • Mounting the wall panels and roof panels including solar panels;
  • Skid including systems for heating, ventilation and monitoring (placing and connecting to the existing system(s));
  • Making sure that the heating and ventilations work the same day.


  • Finish window and door frames;
  • Optimise settings heating, ventilation and monitoring system;
  • Remove machines and clean-up site.

After three days of renovation, tenants or homeowners can enjoy their newly renovated, comfortable and sustainable homes. For appartement buildings the process will be updated in the beginning of 2022.